Nowadays, the competition in the LOL competition is in full swing. It is a pity that the LPL competition has been eliminated. The competition system of this competition is five teams, three wins in five games. The IG team in the LPL is unfavorable to the TES, losing two innings. FPX tried its best to regain 10% for the LPL, but in the fourth game, the JDG team played the same powerful DWG team.


The JDG team lost to the DWG team. The JDG team had an advantage in the early days, and the details of the line were in place. Then the DWG team began to play their own lineup advantage in the middle of the game. The DWG team took control of the game in the middle and late stages of the game, and the JDG team was helpless.


The celebrities of the e-sports circle cheered a lot for JDG before the game. Zhou Shuyi, one of LPL's four golden flowers, also published a microblog, saying: "Jdg cheers! I won't have a Taobao this year!" The JDG team still lost the game. Our sister Zhou Shuyi should now say : "Thanks to Liu Qiangdong, I don't have to uninstall Taobao."


The loss of the LPL Intercontinental match has made many players feel distressed. In this competition, many teams of LPL did not perform well and did not play their own level. Nowadays, the e-sports business is booming. Some players are famous because they make money and forget their own duties. Like Kim Min Jong, I can spur myself most of the time, and there are not many players who are constantly trying to train. This is why Jin Hao can lead the FPX team to defeat the powerful GRF team and be able to perform so well in this competition. As the saying goes: One point of cultivation, one point of harvest. If you want to make a rain on the court, you have to pay for it.